Les Châteaux cathares

Situated at the entrance of the Upper Aude Valley, our charming bed and breakfast invites you to discover the Cathar castles.

The expression "castles of the Cathar country" refers to a group of castles located in a region where Catharism developed. However, most of the castles called "Cathar" have no connection with the history of the dualistic heresy of the 12th century in Occitania.

Cathar castles is a designation used by contemporary tourism (following the example of the registered trademark Pays Cathare) to designate, in an arbitrary manner, the series of fortresses built by the King of France on the southern border of his domains at the end of the crusade against the Albigensians. Some of these sites had known, prior to the royal period, a castral-type village habitat likely to have sheltered Cathars, razed to the ground when the citadels were erected.

More strictly speaking, one should speak of castles in the Cathar Country.

To name a few:

Aguilar castle

Peyrepertuse Castle

Puilaurens Castle

Quéribus Castle

Termes castle...

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