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Saint Julien and Sainte Basilisse Church

La Glycine Blanche, charming guest house in Pomas, between Carcassonne and Limoux, invites you to discover the beautiful Saint Julien / Sainte Basilisse church

Dating from the 14th century, the church of Pomas is placed under the invocation of Saint Julien and Sainte Basilisse, honored martyrs of the early Christian era.

Its architecture is of southern Gothic style. Its nave is unique with four spans, in the shape of a Latin cross. On its Master Hotel, you can admire a 16th century funerary cross, classified as a French Historics Monuments.

Restoration work on our entire church, which has been underway between 2014 and 2016, has brought to light many of the superb frescoes that adorned the interior walls.

In the immediate vicinity of the church, you can also admire the Sainte Croix chapel, a Calvary of the "pardon breton" type.

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